Welcome to our Saturday


If you are family or a close friend of mine you may know I am not a HUGE fan of football. Despite it being my hubby’s previous profession, I was never a die-hard, woot woot woot, blue 42, play calling fan. However, HOWEVER, there is something so nostalgic, so comforting, so “homey” feeling about a game day. The game is on, the food is cooking, the family is together and we are all united. One of our triggers moving back to the USA from Tokyo was , “Football Sunday”. The American weekend of vegging out, watching the game, drinking a few beers or bottles of wine, I mean glasses, is the ultimate Saturday with family. For that reason, I LOVE FOOTBALL. Ok, I said it…

Although I studied videography in college, it has been a few years, but I put together a little video from our Hawk Game day this Saturday. If you like this video or are interested in seeing more, subscribe to my Youtube Channel for tutorials, family vids and some other random stuff I shoot… Happy Weekend Peeps!









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