Moving to a new city is all about starting over and new relationships.  Without hesitation I hammered down a new school, neighborhood, pediatricians and the local wine shop. Priorities ladies, pri-or-i-ties. However, after my dark roots made their glorious debut, it was time for me to start “Hair Stylist” dating. We all know it’s a thing, so I won’t go too deep into the entanglement of finding “the one”,  but I will throw in that I had to kiss a few frogs. Then I met Juliet.

Juliet contacted me at a perfect moment. My highlights were streaky and I was two clicks away from blindly booking another “good review” stylist from google. I checked out her INSTAGRAM and was immediately drawn to her balayage technique. She paints the color into your hair, creating a graduated and more natural looking effect. Balayage is her expertise and perfect for a busy mom who doesn’t have time for highlight touch ups every four weeks. After my treatment with Juliet, my hair looks so refreshed, fixed, and I am happy to announce that I am no longer single in the hair stylist dating game. CHYEA! Another check off in the ol’ I’m new here box.

Juliet has amazing energy and positive vibes all around. It’s like going to a girls night but you come back home with fresh color. I am all about women supporting women and sharing all the secrets, so if you live in the New York area or are visiting the city, GO SEE JULIET. She is offering all of my followers and readers 20% their balayage if you mention this blog post when you visit! In a city where you are certain to spend a small fortune for high quality hair color, you don’t want to miss this opportunity. Check out all her deets BELOW and hit her up for some fresh hair GLOW. Poetry and me. We vibe.


Location: Manhattan




Contact her for beautiful balayage and don’t forget to mention this post for 20% OFF!

Chanyn Cheree


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