Tomorrow the kids and I are headed to the Caribbean for spring break. Some people think I am crazy to travel solo with two toddlers, and half the time I question my sanity as well. Thankfully I’ve had a lot of practice going back and forth from Tokyo to the states and finally have a system down. I wish I could lie and say, “Flying with kids is so much fun, don’t worry, everything will be awesome!”, but I’d be a psychopath to speak such nonsense. I’ve had 45 minute screaming fits, I almost asked if an exorcist was on flight, I’ve dealt with blowouts, barfing, pee pants and the worst, a dry flight! SALT IN THE WOUND. Then I’ve had seamless, angelic flights and watched movies. In my experience, each flight is a complete crapshoot and you run the risk of a World War 3 tantrum. You win some, you lose some, but each time I learn and now I don’t step on a plane without enough ammo to win the war.

I thought I’d share my carry on checklist, as well as some other simple tips that make it a little easier flying alone with the kiddos. It’s not all thaaaaat bad. 🙂

I always choose a large tote as my carry on. It doubles as a beach/pool bag on vacation and roomy enough to store all the goodies. Within the tote I organize everything into separate small bags. I just recycle free bags from fashion shows, make-up purchases, cosmetic bags or Hefty storage bags.


I always carry a small purse inside a carry on tote. I keep my wallet, passports, and all travel documents zipped up, but easily accessible for airport flow.
Make sure everything is at 100%! I download a new app or show before the flight to make it more interesting.
I always fly with the basics. Tylenol, Benadryl, Pepto and Ear drops. Due to my nut allergy, I always keep my Epipen with me and a children’s version in the case they develop the same allergy.


I pack enough diapers and wipes to get me to my destination and then re-stock when I land.


I love the Avene face mist. I use it on both myself and the kids and it keeps us hydrated and moisturized. I also love the Mustella face wipes for the kids. The other products are what I use for myself on ALL flights and they’ve become favorites.


Extra clothes for the occasional accident, spilled beverage etc. I have the kids wear a cardigan or sweater for the flight in case it’s cold.
I usually bring a small “treat” or present for each kid that I surprise them with on the flight. I don’t go overboard, and grab something from Flying Tiger or CVS. They are always excited and it keeps them entertained.
I always travel with snacks I know the kids will eat and snacks they don’t usually get to have. This is my ammo and it has saved me many of times. I only bring out the “straight up sugar”, when it’s all gone down hill and I’m just trying to stay afloat. P.S It works


These are the basics that I keep in MY carry on. Each kid brings along a small backpack with 1-2 (ONLY) of their favorite figurines, doll or craft.

Traveling Light

I do my best to travel as LIGHT as possible. I have learned my lesson with this and now we only travel with one suitcase. Three of us in one suitcase! I use Hefty bags to separate the kids clothes, pack in the same color palettes to mix and match and roll everything up to make the most space possible.

Talk About the Trip

As soon as I book a trip, I start building the excitement up for the kids. We mark the calendar, count down the days and talk about the AIRPLANE ride! My daughter (4 yrs old), has been “packing” for the trip for the past few weeks. We talk about the flight, appropriate behavior and how she can help me if younger brother has a melt down.

Stay Organized

To me, this is the most important factor when traveling by yourself with kids. Keeping everything organized, in bags and easily accessible is key. It sets the tone for the trip, eliminating unnecessary chaos and panic.

I hope this was helpful for any Mama or Papa flying solo with the little ones! Feel free to share with someone you know and I am happy to chat about my past experiences with anyone who needs additional tips or just a person to tell them they aren’t crazy :).



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Thanks for traveling tips really helpful


I am so glad! Thanks for reading! xx


Awesome stuff babe, using this this summer! xoxo


Thank you! Big hugs to you and your cutie!

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