Northern Thailand

Last month my  husband and I embarked on our first trip sans kids, to Northern Thailand for a friend’s wedding.  As a mama bear who hasn’t left the cubs,  I’d be a cold-faced liar to say it was an easy separation.  I had a couple hot mess moments and, “get it together shorty”, may’ve been whispered my way. However, in spite of being across the world, I was easily distracted by every experience and the beauty of the surroundings

The wedding was held four hours north of Chiang Mai in a town called Mae Sariang, just miles from Myanmar, Burma. It was a jungle-esque farmland, rich in culture, authentic cuisine and tranquility. A tad different from my living room circus.  In the past, I tend to snap pictures non stop, but this was a trip where I took way more video. I love the intimate attributes video provides, it brings you to the scene and shows way more than I have time to write. Check out our adventure and the beautiful wedding(s), both Buddhist and Western. Shout out to my hubby for a dope job officiating.

A few pics along the way


Cheers to getting to do an outfit change for two weddings! I loved it! The Buddhist ceremony started super early in the morning and lasted about 4-6 hours, with breaks in between and each stage of the ceremony celebrating a different avenue of marriage.  Traditional attire was requested, so my styling goals were all about being modest and demure. I found this Halston Heritage dress on Netaporter and I loved its vibrant blue color. I paired it with a shawl to cover my shoulders and caged sandals for some edge.


The Western ceremony attire was straight forward and I dressed as I would for any other warm climate celebration, in flowy, breathable fabric. I opted for another spirited color, as blue is my favorite hue. The beef cake arm candy is a vintage I have had for the past ten years. My hottest accessory 🙂 * P.S How handsome does hubby look? So special to have this time together with my best friend. Who else would I want to be teased by, and made fun of from all vacay?! “SHOOORTY!”

I have added a few long wedding guest dresses as some inspo. I love all of these brands and the color of each dress is bright, brilliant and bold!




Vibrant Long Wedding Guest Fashion

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