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 Sweatshirt: Honey Punch // Leggings: Free People // Sneakers: Nike Air Max

“Athleisure, you make my daaaaaaaay…”, (Dave Chapelle as P.Diddy voice). As if a mom’s plate isn’t overflowing with tasks and unscheduled dentists appointments, finding a perfect balance in our daily attire is an additional side dish. Speaking as a mom without a car, yet someone who loves style, I yearn for comfort and trend. Thanks Athleisure, no really, thank you. Athletic companies are capitalizing on mom’s like me, who love a sporty look, but maybe Tabata class isn’t on the schedule. Yoga pants have had a revolution! From lace up leggings, sheer panels or even faux leather features, yoga pants are being rocked like your favorite pair of skinny jeans (that aren’t skinny, they are just stretchy and actually feel like leggings). Athleisure isn’t my everyday, but it’s my today and possibly my tomorrow. Great part… it needs no excuses. Unlike the dude who finger picked the hot meatloaf at Whole foods. Why are you knuckle deep in someone’s dinner? Please explain.

Here are some of my favorite leggings out now:

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While we are on the topic of athletic wear, I have to mention a wonderful charity I partnered with this past week, Sweat for Smiles . I pulled some cute athletic looks as a style aspect for one of their events. Sweat for Smiles is a brilliant organization that hosts fitness parties in which the proceeds are given to charity. I attended a Sweat for Smiles event last week at The North Face on the Upper West Side. The theme was “Team Up Brighten UP! Everyone wore bright athletic wear and joined as a team to support a wonderful cause. We took a class by celebrity yoga teacher and author, Kristin McGee, sipped on healthy drinks and devoured delicious vegan bites from The Stylish Spoon. The best part?! All the proceeds went to Back On My Feet, an organization that promotes health, fitness and wellness as an active recovering program for the homeless. Most of the graduates from the recovery program go on to sustainable jobs and their own apartments. Dope!  Check them out HERE!



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