Up Up and Away


In my previous post, Flying With Kids, I stated, “you win some, you lose some” and my flight to Puerto Rico, I got the gold. It could be that the kids actually loved me and they knew mommy needed their best performance, or mere luck that it was Isaiah’s naptime. I am just elated it went well! Here are a few more tips I was reminded of throughout the flight.

 1.) Keep calm and they will follow.

Its so easy to lose your cool when traveling alone and under pressure. When I would get worked up or upset, so would the kids. Stay calm, talk softly and they will mimic that energy. Easier said than done, but keep it in mind.

2.) Sit close to the bathroom

Not the most desirable seat in the house, but fitting three humans in an airplane bathroom requires some level of magic. I left the door propped open when changing Isaiah’s diaper to keep an eye on Maya. When she would go, I stood in front of the door with it slightly cracked and watched them both.

3.) Stroller, Stroller, Stroller

Do not leave your stroller at home! This will be your other set of hands, and a way to lock the kids in during security and baggage claim. I keep mine until the last minute and then check it at the gate.

Ritz Carlton, San Juan

We stayed at the Ritz Carlton in San Juan, conveniently located close to the airport and a haven for crazy toddlers fresh off a flight. The resort had a Ritz Kids, but Isaiah was too young, so I kept them together. This isn’t Yelp, but I definitely give them a high review, with an additional fist pound, for their kid friendly amendities and staff. Between pool side loungers, or beach cabanas, everything was included and they even had complimentary floaties and toys. No needed stops at the over priced gift shop!


I wouldn’t say that I am completely “Team One-piece”, but I haven’t bought a bikini in a long time. When you are chasing toddlers and building castles, a little added coverage keeps things secure. I love this feminine onesie from Emma Pake, shop it here on Netaporter!

Old San Juan

Old San Juan was one of my favorite adventures in Puerto Rico. We wanted to take a break from the beach and this was a quick cab ride from the resort. The town is charming and full of delicious bites. The streets are narrow but accommodated my massive stroller. The kids loved watching the cruise ships and sail boats and we had some adult bevvies. Win Win!


We loved our quick escape to Puerto Rico, it was totally kid friendly and we look forward to more family adventures in the Caribbean!


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