HELLO SEATTLE! Wow, how has it only been one week?! What a whirlwind.

When we found out we’d be moving back home to Seattle, we were out of our mind! It didn’t feel real. It still doesn’t feel real! We love our city life, but we’ve been eager to live back in the Pacific Northwest for quite some time. In our circumstance the “stars all aligned”,  and our yearn to be near family became a reality. However, I didn’t realize how quickly things would move with my husband’s new position and how soon we would relocate. In a matter of weeks, our apartment was packed, our things were en route and we were on a plane to Seattle!

I had this ideal that we would fly away from NYC with grace, blowing kisses at the skyline and waving goodbye to the UWS from our UberX. Contrary to my IG worthy farewell, we woke up literally 1 hour and 45 minutes before our flight took off. Failed alarms or late night reminiscing (with champagne) could be to blame for our chaotic morning, but none the less, we looked like cooped up chickens scrambling to get dressed and cramming our luggage in the Uber.

Some how and in some magical way, our “genie” of a driver hauled it and we were able to get to the airport 30 minutes before take off. We rushed luggage, panicked through security and approached our gate as it was loading. David and I didn’t talk until we sat down. Then we crazy laughed, high-fived and swore off champagne for a while. Parent fail, but whatever, we still made the flight.

Starting Over

It has only been a week, but it feels more like 6 months. Moving across country has been more complex then when we’d moved across the world. I mean, the suburbs really are a different world from the city. You need a car, a house, a designated driver! :). In a week, we bought cars, (I hadn’t driven in a year), toured schools, house hunted and found a rental property. It has all be fun, stressful and some sort of organized chaos. Thank god for the Grandparent Fairies and all of our family support. They’ve truly been the glue keeping us sane, fed and the kids entertained.

One week down and the rest of our lives to go. We couldn’t be happier back in our old stomping grounds and raising our kids with a village. We’ve been on one crazy adventure these past 7+ years, but we are excited for this next chapter and new adventures to come.

I will continue to blog as we settle in our new home and lifestyle in the PNW. Stay tuned!


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