The Fanny Pack is Back


Call it what you want to call it, a “waist bag”, “belt purse”, “hip pouch”, the fanny pack is back and I’m all over it. I love it as a fashion statement, but mostly for being the most practical mommy bag ever. As moms, we all know being hands free is close to impossible, so the trend fairies really came through bringing this amazing “mom bag” back in style.

I love this Revolve X Nike fanny pack for my park weekends with the kids. I packed snacks, wipes, eeeerrrthang a kid needs in this spacious and well-organized bag. I also never took it off, and played baseball with it.  Like I said earlier, I love this fanny pack movement! I styled my already sporty “waist bag”, with an equally sporty outfit, but here are some looks I am loving with fanny packs as the main event!


Styling Fanny Packs

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Are you in the market for a new fanny? (hehehehe) Check out these super cute and affordable picks for the best hands free bag on the market!



Top Picks for Cool and Affordable Fanny Packs




1.) Adidas Black and White

2.) O-Ring Belt Bag

3.) Peach Herchel Supply

4.) Red Quilted Belt Bag

5.) Rosegold Jansport Fanny Pack

6.) Light Pink Adidas


Little girls LOVE fanny packs, well at least my daughter does. They can pack their trinkets, art supplies, or like my daughter every Shopkin and Num Noms they can manage to find. Here are some adorable picks for your young trendsetter.









Little Girl Fanny Packs

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I found a great fanny pack sale recently. Got an awesome genuine leather fanny pack, designer look to it. I found it at They have both men’s and women’s fanny packs by the way.

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