An Easter Table for the Family

Anyone else change their table setting for every holiday, season or mood? I feel like if my husband finds another new napkin ring or place mat he is turning me in to Homegoods anonymous. I admit it, I love a good Homegoods spree and they have the cutest decor for every holiday. For me, the tablescape sets the atmosphere for the home and I love collaborating with the rest of the decor in my house for a festive yet, understated vibe. I’ve decorated our dining room in natural, muted tones so I try to replicate that in holiday decor. Funny enough, this morning my daughter¬† mentioned how we need to decorate for Easter. Clearly, she missed my stylish attempt at blending “Easter”, with my everyday decor. How did she miss the jade colored rabbits with the amethyst stones and eggs?!¬† However, sometimes we can all learn from the colorful eyes of our kids and I took her advice, brightening up some of the place settings and gave the table a little “spring”. (wink)

Adding Some Color

Everything I used to decorate the table I found at Homegoods. No, I am not being paid to advertise, I’m just professing my love for the store and all of its irredescent eggs and things. I would also check out your local vintage, antique or consignment shops. Many times they get the cool Peter Rabbit plates or vintage rabbit motif decorations that are back in style.

Per Maya’s request, I added some color with these Kate Spade rainbow place mats that I will keep around all spring.¬† I also scored a set of eight, Peter Rabbit inspired, dinner plates and although they are a little country chic for me, I love the colors and paired them with a glam charger plate. I like to play with patterns and textures on the table setting for drama, but I usually keep the color palette natural, such as the linen napkin and wooden color tones in the charger plate. I saw so many of these place mats at Homegoods, but I saw many similar ones on Amazon as well. Happy Shopping!

For a little edge, I bought a couple of packages of these adorable Molly and Rex appetizer napkins for brunch. I love them! They are so cute for small bites before a family meal or to have at cocktail hour. These always go fast, but check out local Marshals, Ross’s and other discount stores that sell home decor. Under heaps of notepads and knick knacks are lovely little napkins :).


Finally, here are my previously mentioned, jade colored bunny and her colored eggs. Come on, they are cute and they are staying! I love them as a table accent, but they would also be cute in a powder room or bookshelf.

For the Kid’s Table


We usually eat at the kitchen nook, or I as I like to call it, the “Kid’s Table”, for everyday meals. I found these stain resistant Cynthia Rowley place mats and napkins for the kids. The plates are from Pottery Barn last year, they come in a variety of pictures.

My mom made this center piece with the kids a couple of weeks ago and I absolutely love it! Have you seen the egg dying video using shaving cream?! Well it’s going viral and they are so cool! Instead of using actual eggs, my mom borrowed the idea as a center piece. She used notebook cards to cut out egg shapes and glued two together. Using shaving cream and food coloring, she made a marble colored mix and dipped the paper eggs. Using a hole punch and kitchen twine, she tied the eggs on pulled branches from our yard. LOVE!


Easter Basket Fun

I know I am talking about decor this post, but I couldn’t help but share these awesome Easter basket finds I found at Target. Again, not an ad. I am just a loyal shopper. In lieu of mounds of candy and more toys with small pieces to clean up, I gathered all of these fun gardening tools and plants from the dollar spot and in Target’s gardening section. I know Maya will love this, but Isaiah may just have more fun playing in the dirt and making mud. Either way, we are outside, making messes and I am pretending to know how to garden.


I would love to hear Easter bunny ideas or traditions from you all! Leave a comment or send me a message on IG! Thanks for reading and HOPPY Holidays! The cheese is real today.


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