Here We Go Again


WHOA, yooo, here we go again!? We are full of emotion and  very excited for Maya and Isaiah’s little sister to join our family. They are both stoked and Maya has come up with some pretty interesting name choices. David and I are both the youngest of four and always talked about having a large family, so the the circus goes on! My friend told me we are officially going to be a “big family”, which must make my Grandmother’s eyes roll. She had eight kids!  Now, eight is on another level. I don’t feel like we deserve the props of “big family” just yet, but I’ll take it!

As I write this, I am currently 15+ weeks pregnant. I feel like I started showing immediately and my personal wardrobe has turned into weird fashion experiments. How far do these leggings stretch? Can this last button close without the string snapping? I improvised with forgiving pieces from my closet and the good ‘ol Belly Belt. More on that in another post.

To be honest, I mostly wore bedsheets the first trimester. I curled up in bed most afternoons and sent my husband manic texts to bring me sweets or bring me attention. I had some early spotting the first few weeks and was put on progesterone that delivered a lovely side of crazy amongst the main course of nausea, fatigue and swollen everything. I’m not complaining, I know women who’ve had it worse and I’m fortunate to say my previous pregnancies were uneventful. I do feel warranted to complain about the teenage acne, super hot.

Apart from first time symptoms, this is also my first pregnancy in the USA. Some would think I find comfort in the novelty of giving birth in my home country, but to the contrary, it gave me high anxiety. I had my doctor in Tokyo, he was my dude! I knew the routine, the appointments, my cute little one room clinic, and where I’d binge eat onigiri.  Now I’m presented with new fancy blood tests, grandiose hospital lounges, and this disgusting, yet absolutely incredible, place called, Taco Time.

Nevertheless, It didn’t take long for excitement to override the panic.  I mean, the ability to opt for real pain management during delivery is a game changer. I will not miss the agony of the world’s weakest pain relief during labor and either will my husband, that’s for sure.  So the access to real drugs made me jump ship to Team USA easily. Well, drugs AND I also get to deliver surrounding by all of our family. That’s pretty damn cool, too.

Anyway, that’s a quick update about our world.  I won’t always blog about the minutia of my pregnancy, apparently I am not the first person to give birth (I just tell my husband I am, and that everything is worse than it really is, shh). However, I do plan on sharing some fun fashion tips along the way. Styling the bump has always been an innovative fashion journey and I look forward to blogging about cute maternity looks and stylish options for the ever growing belly and body.

Thanks for reading. I love reading DM’s on IG and comments. Please share any fun pregnancy stories, symptoms or fun fashion advice!! Also, if you are pregnant too and are on IG follow my page @ChanynCK and I will follow back. Let’s get “cushiony” together.











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