Maternity Friendly Tops

There is an awkward time in pregnancy, when your stomach has not quite popped, but your clothes do not fit the same. This is usually the first trimester, when some people are still keeping their news to themselves, but the “turkey dinner” belly is making it hard to conceal. I have always found this time in pregnancy one of the hardest to style, as you may not be ready to dive into the racks at Pea in a Pod, but your current wardrobe is, well, less flattering. Thank goodness for these two “maternity friendly” top styles.

I have two go-to tops that I find stylish, comfortable and attractive. I don’t want to hide behind a tarp just yet, and anything tight is just unpleasant. Here are my favorite tops to rock during that beginning stage of pregnancy and until my belly demands all the jersey, spandex and elasticity it can squeeze into.


The Wrap Top

I love the wrap top, because it grows with the belly and is universally flattering. You can wrap it snuggly around your waist or loosen up the strings and pair it with a camisole. I also love the silhouette, the peplum bottom and deep v-neck add shape while still concealing the bump. This wrap top is from the brand, Leith. I bought it from Nordstrom and you can find it HERE.

Empire Waist Tops

Empire waists are another favorite that hide the belly, but still are chic and easy to style. The cinching under the bust draws attention to the narrowest part of the body and creates a longer and leaner look. Great for short women like me, who have a small torso and need all the help from styling techniques. This denim, empire waist top is Motherhood Maternity and you can shop it HERE.



Here are some more wrap tops and empire waist tops that will get you through those awkward weeks of pregnancy, while keeping your BIG NEWS a secret.


Wrap and Empire Waist Tops for the Baby BUMP

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