Summer Essentials for Pregnancy

Apparently the world is having a heat wave and even the most eager sun seekers are ducking for shade and blasting the air con. Typically, I have a high tolerance for record-breaking temps, but being in your third trimester during the dog days of summer can be awkward, sticky, and just damn uncomfortable. With our babymoon out-of-the-way (blog post to come), and no travel in the near future, I am sitting tight and doing my best to embrace the last months of pregnancy. With the lack of some of my beloved pastimes; i.e., drinking copious amounts of cold chardonnay, I’m sharing some of my favorite pregnancy products, refreshments and shoes. Below are a few things keeping me cool, comfortable and sane.


Sticky Situations

Being sweaty and sticky is unbearable while pregnant, yet unfortunately unavoidable. These are my favorite products this summer that I keep in my bag, car and anywhere I am stationed for the day.


Makeup and high heat don’t mix, but this tinted moisturizer from Lancome has been my go-to for a little coverage. I also travel with my favorite Mario Badescu spray, because its subtle scent and refreshing mist are heavenly. The EO deodorant wipes are a must for sweaty car rides, and sticky errand runs and I love my 1000 roses night cream for my sensitive, pregnant skin.

Cool Drinks and Sweet Treats

Mocktails while everyone else enjoys their white wine varietals and craft cocktails. We’ve all been there. Below is my favorite concoction.

These two together with fresh fruit are my favorite for those boozy barbeques and hot evenings when ice water and lemonade are getting boring.


Throw a refreshing drink in a popsicle mold and eat it in the shade. This one is only $10 and perfect for those left over mock tails.









Soothe the Sole

I don’t know if it’s heat related, but my feet hurt! Here are some of my favorite perforated, casual kicks, that bring relief to my aching hooves.




  1. Jeffrey Campbell Fling     2.) Nike Kawa Slide   3.) Vince Blair Perforated Slip On


 Summer Swell

Last trimester swelling is not cute or comfortable. Here are some products proven to manage the aches and pains that come with the summer swell.

  1. Moonlight Pregnancy Pillow  2.) Happy Legs Gel



These are just a few of my current favorites! I would love to know how other mamas are finding their comfort zone during these hot and humid days of summer. Leave a comment, email or find me on instagram to share some of your go-to products!






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