VR Styling the Bump

This summer, my maternity fashion goals mirror my non-pregnant fashion inspo, balancing  “put together” and comfortable simultaneously.  One day, after sitting in mounds of clothes in my closet, half-naked with nothing to wear , I packed my three-year old in the car and raced over to Pea in a Pod. That was a complete disaster. Hyped up on hormones and suffering from baby brain is my only logic for taking a toddler into a store with more racks than Forever 21. After losing Mr. Hide and Seek for the third time, I grabbed as many pieces as possible and hid in the dressing room with my son on YouTube. I left with  a few summer basics, but I vow to never take my child shopping again.

Thank goodness for stylish friends and their clever business endeavors! It’s like my friend Onon heard me from the dark dressing room that day and created a wonderful boutique and service that any busy mother would appreciate. Onon, owner and founder of Vintage River Style, is a mother of two and understands the desire to stay on trend, yet the daunting task of shopping with kids. She recently launched an online boutique called Vintage River Style, which is stocked with super cute, cozy and affordable pieces for moms and ladies “on-the-go”. Even better, if you have a special event or styling demand (i.e pregnancy wear) she will hand select pieces and ship them right to you! No more kid’s YouTube and mass panic in the dressing rooms, ladies.

I expressed my #fashiongoals over the phone and in a few short days I received a box full of clothes with soft, luxe fabrics, flattering silhouettes and trendy pieces accommodating a growing belly.  Although these items are not technically maternity wear, she had styled together pieces that were perfect for pregnancy. It was a dream and such a luxury to have her personally select the items.

Here are some of my favorite pieces she sent me and links to check them out. I look forward to placing a post-pardum order during my days of breastfeeding and beginning of school functions!

Styled in VRS

Sen Grace Sweater
Sen TRIXI Dress
Sen Rain Dress
Bella Dahl Joggers


 VRS Maternity Friendly Favorites

Shop Vintage River Style

Onon is so sweet she is offering a promotion to any of my readers, friends, fellow fashionistas or Instagram followers. Use the promotion code CHANYN10 at check out to receive a discount on any of the merchandise you buy. Shop all Vintage River Style HERE



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