Maternity Photoshoot


I was on the fence whether to do maternity photos or not, but I am so happy I did. Pregnancy and motherhood have been my favorite chapters in life and I’m happy I can look back on these photos for memories. It’s amazing how much you forget! I plan on printing some for the nursery and making a coffee table book.

My friend Jennifer, from In Love Photography, met us at Luther Burbank Park on Mercer Island in the early evening. Seattle was still hazy with smoke from the Canadian fires, but the setting sun and haze made for really romantic lighting. Jennifer styled me in the lace, ethereal dress, that made me feel like a pregnant mama mermaid :). Isaiah wore Zara kids and Maya was in H&M kids. My hubs styled himself in Travis Mathews, and he makes one handsome baby daddy :). I am so happy with the photos and working with Jennifer is so easy, she gives great direction and her idea to put us in the water made for my favorite pictures of all.

Pregnancy Update

I am currently 37 weeks + some change and totally on the home stretch. I go in twice a week for NST’s (non stress tests) and OB check up. I have had a people message me asking about the NST’s, so here is my brief explanation. During my 20 week ultrasound, we found out that I have a Velamentous Cord Insertion. This can be really dangerous for the mother and the baby if it turned into Vasa Previa, but thankfully my cord was inserted near the top and in the most optimal place it could be given the condition. Due to the unusual umbilical cord placement, they moved me to high risk, which requires monthly ultrasounds and now weekly NST’s. Baby and I are doing wonderfully, she is growing, healthy and things are progressing towards a possible early delivery. We shall see! I go back and forth on being over this pregnancy and also relishing in the kicks, hiccups and styling the baby bump.

Thank you to everyone for the messages and update requests, it is fun sharing the maternity journey and I love to watch other mamas grow and glow throughout their own pregnancy. I’ll be sure to update instagram once she makes her debut!



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