Malia Noemi – Born 10.14.18 7lbs 14 oz


Hello, hello!  If you are reading this, thanks for sticking with me! It’s been a wild journey adjusting to three kids, but I am starting to feel myself again and back in the blogging groove. My baby girl is three months old! We officially wrapped up the “fourth trimester” , the crazy first three months where baby is adjusting to life outside of the womb and mommy’s body is slowly  recovering from the process of growing a human. Malia is embracing her new territory with lots of smiles, coos and laughter everyday and I am starting to think I know what I am doing with a new baby again :).

As all pregnancies are not the same, I’ve come to experience not all postpartum experiences flow to the same cadence. After birth,  Malia lost over 11% of her birth weight, resulting in non-stop pumping and cluster feeding. After 8 weeks of slow progress and some cases of mastitis, we discovered an undiagnosed tongue and lip tie. She has since had her frenulum and tongue tie revised and breastfeeding (and bottle feeding) like a champion. My little “peanut” is growing and feeding is taking up less of our day, finally.

There absolutely is no manual for maneuvering motherhood with a newborn, whether it’s your first, third or tenth child. Each child is different and we learn every single day. From breastfeeding, to sleeping, to patches of dry skin and baby acne, we operate motherhood through instinct and finding the best products that assist to our baby’s demands.  What I have compiled below are products that really supported me through these first few months. Some are my go-to staples, and others are products that I just found this time around.  From breastfeeding supplements and power pumps,  to baby carriers  and tummy time mats, these products are some personal favorites for surviving the “fourth trimester”.

These are all based on my opinion and not sponsored in any way.

Fourth Trimester Survival List



Breasting feeding and Pumping

Legendairy Milk

A friend turned me onto Legendairy Milk products when I was trying to boost my supply, and now I am a huge advocate. Not only did it increase my supply, but it made my milk fattier and denser. My two favorite products are Pump Princess and Lactivist. They are fenugreek free and made of natural herbs to boost supply. I’ve also found their instagram page to be a wealth of knowledge for me as well as comedic relief!


Spectra Baby S2

With Malia’s tongue tie, I had to pump after each feeding and continue to pump a lot now to keep my supply growing. I rented the hospital grade pump for a while and replaced it with the Spectra S2 after doing some research. Not only is this the best pump I have owned, it works better than the hospital grade. Its lightweight and very quiet for those nap time pump sessions.

Simple Wishes Breastpump Bra

I equate a mom going to pump as a man’s turn to use the bathroom, if you know what I’m saying. Grab your phone or a book and go hide out for 15 minutes and get some alone time. However, you need to be hands free, and this breast pump bra gave me all the freedom to scroll and order on Amazon. The flanges stay put and you can adjust the tightness easily.

Dr. Brown’s Premie Flow

To avoid nipple confusion, these bottles were the best to use when I supplemented. Malia never turned away the breast after bottle feeding. We have since moved to Dr. Brown Options Slow Flow for breastfeeding babies and they are working perfectly.

Lanolin Soothing Gel Pads

Lanolin is must have for those first weeks of breastfeeding, and I love the gel pads. They were healing and provided comfort during the days of pain!


Sleeping and Napping


I had seen these all over Instagram and on mommy blogs and I decided to see what the hype was about. I think they are great for bed-sharing or to place in a bigger crib while they are so small. Definitely read the “safe sleeping” guidelines on the manual, but Malia doesn’t toss of turn and stays asleep for long stretches when she is in her dock-o-tot.

Fisher Price Rock and Play

This is one that is mandatory for me during the early months. It is the best napper and Malia is always content when she is hanging out in her rock and play, awake or asleep. All three of my kids slept for long stretches in the rock and play. Easy to travel with as well.


Halo Swivel Sleeper

I just love this bed side sleeper. It easily swivels over your bed side for easy night feedings and also can be so close you can hear the baby breathe. I plan on keeping this in my room throughout the whole year.


Halo Sleep Sack Swaddle

Another favorite that I had for all the other babies. I love the easy one piece swaddle. It keeps the baby swaddles tight and can adjust the arms easily as they grow older and gain mobility.



Tummy Time

Fisher Price Rainforest Music Deluxe Mat

This survived three babies so far and I just love the joy it brings to a new baby learning sights and sounds for the first time. Malia spends so much time on here full of giggles and fascination.

Fisher Price Kick and Play Piano Gym

This was a new one for us, and it is perfect for Malia and her little kickers. She loves to see the lights on tummy time and hear them makes sounds when she is kicking on her back. I love it!


Bath Time

Mustela Baby Products and No rinse Cleansing Water


I’ve been a big fan of Mustela products since Maya was a baby. I actually first  found them in a sweet little boutique in Tokyo and was so happy to see them here in the US. I love the fresh scent and baby safe ingredients. The no-rinse cleansing water is  my favorite product, especially for those really early days home with the baby when they aren’t quite ready for the bath.


Beauty Counter Baby Soothing Oil

My friend Desiree is a Beauty Counter consultant and sent me these amazing products as a baby gift. If you aren’t familiar with the brand, check out their story here, their mission aligns perfectly for new moms and their babies. I love using the oil on Malia’s scalp and patches of dry skin during the first two months. It was not greasy at all and really soothed her skin.


Baby Carriers

Moby Wrap


The Moby is basically an essential part of my wardrobe during the first couple months of motherhood. The baby stays so snug and close to your heartbeat. It is the only way I can get anything done or leave the house. I usually move to a larger, sturdier carrier after three months, but this is by far my favorite for newborn stage.


Ergo baby with infant Insert


I am actually writing this blog right now with Malia sleeping in the Ergo. I love the durability and she is able to breastfeed in it. I carried all of my kids in the ergo until they were over two. 🙂 They are amazing to use when traveling and when you need to be hands free.



In a world with an overwhelming amount of baby products to test and critique, I hope this small lists can provide some guidance on things you actually use with a newborn. Kid tested, mother approved :). I’d love to hear about products that have worked for you, please send me a message or comment below!





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