Quick Closet Detox

I try to do a quick closet detox about every six months. Living in apartments the past 8 years has taught me to eliminate excess and keep the clutter to a minimum. Easier said than done, especially with a full house of kiddos and packed schedules, I get it. That said, spring is on the … Continue Reading

Pesto Pasta Recipe for Kid’s

Maya’s Pesto Pasta Recipe     Recently my daughter has been showing a lot of interest in cooking.  When I am making dinner, she likes to help with mixing ingredients and pushing the buttons on the mixer. Since she was a baby, Maya has always loved pesto. We’ve been making it so long, she now … Continue Reading

Crown Braid With Curly Kids Products

Easter Hair: Floral Crown Braid Happy Easter Weekend to all! Looking for some fun hair inspo for your Easter festivities?!  Try this Floral Crown Braid! It is festive, fun and drenching in springtide spirit 🙂 SIMPLE STEPS TO A FLORAL CROWN BRAID Having a little girl with curly hair is the best! It just takes … Continue Reading

My Crew at Midtown

Our weekends follow an unspoken routine, and somewhere in the pattern a park falls into place. One of the things I love most about Tokyo, is the neighborhood parks. No matter where you are in the city, it is certain that a child friendly, green patch of land will be a stones throw away. After … Continue Reading

Year of the Sheep

BAA BAA! Happy Year  2015 and year of the Sheep! Traditionally, hundreds of thousands of Japanese people and  Japan residents head to the shrines to make wishes for the upcoming year. To avoid the masses, we’ve made our own tradition of heading to the shrine on New Year’s Eve. Meiji shrine is one of the … Continue Reading

Holiday Style Guide

 Check out my holiday style guide, published on www.SavvyTokyo.com The city is illuminating and the season of festive fetes is in full swing. Our calendars are filling up with celebrations and if you are hosting, organizing, or Christmas shopping, chances are you’re left with little time to orchestrate outfit ideas. From toasting with your colleagues … Continue Reading

ORGANIC Standpoint in TOKYO

 Eating organic is not just a trend it is a lifestyle. When I first moved to Japan I was disappointed with the absence of Whole Foods aka (Whole Paycheck), Trader Joes, and natural foods stores in general.  However, after getting my feet wet in Tokyo and searching off the beaten path I found my new … Continue Reading

Ohara School of Ikebana

 I have wanted to take an Ikebana class ever since moving to Japan. Ikebana is  a 600 year old traditional Japanese flower arrangement practice. Each stem, leaf and flower is placed strategically, emphasizing strict guidelines to shape, lines and forms. A friend and I found the Ohara School of Ikebana in Minami Aoyama (my new … Continue Reading

Put you FLATS ON- Versace for H&M

“Hop up out the beeed, put your FLATS ooon.”  Yes, the collaboration we have all been talking about is releasing in a few days! Predicted to give Missoni for Target a run for it’s money, this collaboration will have people in line for hours. Unlike the rumored madness of Missoni’s release, there will be some … Continue Reading