Maternity Photoshoot

Maternity Photoshoot   I was on the fence whether to do maternity photos or not, but I am so happy I did. Pregnancy and motherhood have been my favorite chapters in life and I’m happy I can look back on these photos for memories. It’s amazing how much you forget! I plan on printing some … Continue Reading

Party of Five

Here We Go Again   WHOA, yooo, here we go again!? We are full of emotion and  very excited for Maya and Isaiah’s little sister to join our family. They are both stoked and Maya has come up with some pretty interesting name choices. David and I are both the youngest of four and always … Continue Reading

Our Adventures Across the Brooklyn Bridge

  Walking the Brooklyn Bridge with Kids I had this vision once we’d moved to NYC of exploring all the boroughs, tackling every movie-esque attraction, and taking the city by storm. I was easily distracted by those ideals one evening as a stale cheddar bunny fell from my bra. Instantly, I recalled the two toddlers I schlep … Continue Reading

Puerto Rico With Kids

      Up Up and Away   In my previous post, Flying With Kids, I stated, “you win some, you lose some” and my flight to Puerto Rico, I got the gold. It could be that the kids actually loved me and they knew mommy needed their best performance, or mere luck that it was … Continue Reading

Thailand Travels

Northern Thailand Last month my  husband and I embarked on our first trip sans kids, to Northern Thailand for a friend’s wedding.  As a mama bear who hasn’t left the cubs,  I’d be a cold-faced liar to say it was an easy separation.  I had a couple hot mess moments and, “get it together shorty”, may’ve … Continue Reading

Football and Family

      Welcome to our Saturday   If you are family or a close friend of mine you may know I am not a HUGE fan of football. Despite it being my hubby’s previous profession, I was never a die-hard, woot woot woot, blue 42, play calling fan. However, HOWEVER, there is something so … Continue Reading

Brunching with Babies

       My baby boy is officially one years old.  The cliché phrase, “time flies”, has become so redundant and overused in our era, but it is the most natural observation when raising little babies. In one year they blossom from from our tiny, 100% dependent cubs to walking, talking, messing-yet-adorable little humans. We … Continue Reading

Shibuya Nights

With a busy and chatty toddler at home, date nights are just about mandatory for the hubby and I to catch up on life outside the nest. We try to pop out together once a week, but lately my third trimester is calling for an 8:30 pm bedtime and date night usually is more like … Continue Reading

Tokyo Fashion’s Night Out- Photo Diary

Last weekend we headed out for Tokyo Fashion’s Night Out. We married the evening with a pseudo date night. Called a sitter, enjoyed live music and stayed out past our bedtime. My husband secretly looves FNO, he shows interest in the fashion  as much as he does the free flowing champagne. It’s a win-win for … Continue Reading

Hong Kong through the Iphone

After living in Asia for nearly four years I finally made it over to Hong Kong. Unfortunately, my husband and I were booked on separate flights for the four hours of travel. Which was AWESOME, because my daughter was cluster teething simultaneously with our trip. No husband and No happy baby. Yes Please. That must have been … Continue Reading