Party of Five

Here We Go Again   WHOA, yooo, here we go again!? We are full of emotion and  very excited for Maya and Isaiah’s little sister to join our family. They are both stoked and Maya has come up with some pretty interesting name choices. David and I are both the youngest of four and always … Continue Reading

Rainy Day in NYC

A Day at the New York Public Library   Today we woke up to gray clouds and heavy rain. To be honest, I’ll take any excuse to be indoors, separating ourselves from the scorching heat and thick humidity. I will also take any excuse to be out of the apartment and not cooped up with … Continue Reading

Our Adventures Across the Brooklyn Bridge

  Walking the Brooklyn Bridge with Kids I had this vision once we’d moved to NYC of exploring all the boroughs, tackling every movie-esque attraction, and taking the city by storm. I was easily distracted by those ideals one evening as a stale cheddar bunny fell from my bra. Instantly, I recalled the two toddlers I schlep … Continue Reading

Things For Free in NYC

Activities for free in NYC? Does it exist?! It’s no secret that New York City can be an expensive place to raise a family or visit for vacation. However, after almost ten months “Maneuvering Manhattan”, I’ve found some great outdoor spots for entertaining the kids and spaces big enough for the stroller. Beep, Beep COMING … Continue Reading


Walk This City  Sweatshirt: Honey Punch // Leggings: Free People // Sneakers: Nike Air Max “Athleisure, you make my daaaaaaaay…”, (Dave Chapelle as P.Diddy voice). As if a mom’s plate isn’t overflowing with tasks and unscheduled dentists appointments, finding a perfect balance in our daily attire is an additional side dish. Speaking as a mom without … Continue Reading

Barton Orchards and Farms

 We finally made it to a pumpkin patch! I think it was the first time for all of us to go to an actual pumpkin farm. We were all pumped, and it was a gorgeous weekend to get out of the city and explore the countryside. Apologies for the picture haul in this post, I … Continue Reading

Tokyo Fashion Week

This year, this month and the weeks just keep flying by. Is it really already Christmas and 2016? I haven’t posted in ages, but this mom stuff keeps me kinda busy. I’ve been working for Savvy Tokyo still and wanted to share some pics from the events I covered. Tokyo Fashion Week still falls under … Continue Reading

Tokyo Fashion Week Events Around Town

(article also posted on Today is the first day of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Tokyo! Check out some of the events around town! As the European Fashion Weeks are coming to a close, Tokyo is amping up to follow suit for it’s biannual fashion fete. Taking place primarily at Shibuya’s Hikarie Oct 13th-19th, the … Continue Reading

Vogue Fashion Night Out in Tokyo

Tomorrow is the night! The precursor to Fall Fashion, Vogues Fashion Night Out, will be here in Tokyo this Saturday. Giving us all a reason to glam up and possibly do some “supportive economic” shopping. We’ve attended this event the past 4 years so we’ll definitely be out there store hopping and enjoying the open … Continue Reading

Lingerie Francaise

        Lingerie Francaise Exhibition  I recently wrote an article about the “Traveling Exhibit” for SAVVYTOKYO, which prior to Tokyo has made pitstops in Paris, New York, London and other cities. Check out the article below and get some sneak peaks of the beautiful images of the intimate world of French Lingerie. This … Continue Reading