NYC with the Family

      We recently went back to NYC as a family. I sold it as a babymoon and me and the kiddos tagged along on David’s work trip. It was our first time returning to New York since we had moved, but it felt so homey. As much as I love our new life … Continue Reading

Puerto Rico With Kids

      Up Up and Away   In my previous post, Flying With Kids, I stated, “you win some, you lose some” and my flight to Puerto Rico, I got the gold. It could be that the kids actually loved me and they knew mommy needed their best performance, or mere luck that it was … Continue Reading

Flying With Kids

Tomorrow the kids and I are headed to the Caribbean for spring break. Some people think I am crazy to travel solo with two toddlers, and half the time I question my sanity as well. Thankfully I’ve had a lot of practice going back and forth from Tokyo to the states and finally have a … Continue Reading

Thailand Travels

Northern Thailand Last month my  husband and I embarked on our first trip sans kids, to Northern Thailand for a friend’s wedding.  As a mama bear who hasn’t left the cubs,  I’d be a cold-faced liar to say it was an easy separation.  I had a couple hot mess moments and, “get it together shorty”, may’ve … Continue Reading

One Piece Swimsuit Styles

Long gone are the days when one-piece swimsuits were subject to the body conscious or sport swimmer . The last few seasons, designers have revamped the formerly “demure” style, with sexy silhouettes and features that even tempt the spring breakers to bust out in a mono. As a mommy of two littles and not quite … Continue Reading

Blue Jean Baby

 I may have had a minor mommy fail this weekend. I’ve been so hyped up on fall,  that my weekend mission was to find any harvest, Halloween, pumpkin, festival in the vicinity of Manhattan. A lot of the pumpkin patches and hay rides take place out of the city, (on the bucket list), but with … Continue Reading

Final Tokyo Photoshoot

WOW! What a whirlwind this past two months have been. Leaving Asia, our home, friends, ROUTINE and repatriating to the USA, still doesn’t quite feel like reality. Not is the sense of “oh my gosh, this is so perfect it can’t be real,” but more like, “What is the heck just happend!” I know my … Continue Reading

Tokyo Fashion Week

This year, this month and the weeks just keep flying by. Is it really already Christmas and 2016? I haven’t posted in ages, but this mom stuff keeps me kinda busy. I’ve been working for Savvy Tokyo still and wanted to share some pics from the events I covered. Tokyo Fashion Week still falls under … Continue Reading

Hanae Mori by Yu Amatsu

Last week was Tokyo Fashion Week. I covered shows for online magazine SAVVY TOKYO, making it to as many shows as I could, sporting the baby bump and all.  The first show I went to ended up being one of my favorite of MBFWT. Hanae Mori was Japan’s very first haute couture fashion house and … Continue Reading

Retail Explosion in Omotesando

I wrote this piece for SavvyTokyo awhile back, but now that all the new stores are open and shining brightly, it seemed necessary to share for all the Tokyo fall shoppers out there. Feel free to pick me up any luxury omiyage, I really am not that picky 🙂 Window Shopping Just Got 10X Cooler … Continue Reading