Japan has been home for over four years now, crazy even saying that, and as much as we love  Tokyo, we also know that our stay here is not indefinite. When moving abroad it’s common to  think of all the neighboring countries to visit rather than the country you reside in, which has been our focus in … Continue Reading

Hong Kong Photo Diary

A few months back we ventured down to Hong Kong, this time with my Mama in toe, to spend 9 days in one of my favorite cities. The hubs took off ahead of us and the three shorties followed behind, leaving Tokyo for our Asia adventure. Traveling with a walking, talking toddler is quite a … Continue Reading

Friday Harbor

FRIDAY HARBOR The moment my husband and I found out we’d have a three month “garden leave”, we knew exactly where to spend our hiatus from Tokyo. HOME. We wanted to experience our native land as tourists and escape to the multiple destinations it has to offer. Since being abroad I have fallen more in … Continue Reading

Northwest meets Far East

Everyone needs a little zen in their lives. It think it may even be mandatory to step away from the sensory overload of your everyday routine, and do like the Buddhist do, reflect.That being said, my little family of three decided to hop on a local train and venture out of the city in seek … Continue Reading

Hawaiian Escape

Wait I have a blog…? Hello? Is anyone there? Anyone? Crickets….Well, I have obviously been out of the blogosphere for a bit, but I’ve been thinking about you blog, I really have. It’s just between re-adjusting to the US and then back to Japan and all of the family, travel and weddings in between I … Continue Reading

First Stop Singapore

As of April my family has been in 3 different countries, 7 different cities and visited 3 sets of grandparents :). We currently are on a three month holiday from Japan and enjoying every ounce of it.  My memory cards are at their full capacity and I have so many pictures you’d think I didn’t … Continue Reading

Do as the Romans do…

Rome, Rome, oh beautiful Rome! This was our final stop on our Italian travel adventure, and whether coincidentally or purposely, the best was saved for last. The modernization surrounding the ancient landmarks and ruins creates an aesthetic original to Rome.  From Piazzas to Cathedrals and little watering fountains in the alleyways, everything had a purpose, meaning and … Continue Reading

Five Shades of Blue on top of the Duomo

Dominating the Florence skyline, is the DUOMO of The Cathedral of Florence. You can get a glimpse of this beautiful dome from every angle of the city, through narrow alleys and hotel balconies. The climb to the top is not for the claustrophobic, but it  is well worth the view. You see the hills of … Continue Reading

A Walk Around Florence

After a few days in Venice, we continued our journey to Firenze, Italy. We took the train from Venice and passed through the rolling hills of Tuscany and arrived in the city famed for Michelangelo’s David, the Duomo, Ponte Vecchio Bridge and of course the Steak Florentine. In the first taxi ride through the city, … Continue Reading


Viva la Venezia!    Venice was the second stop on our European adventure. We said Au revoir to Paris, brie and bordeaux and Bonjourno to prosecco, seafood pasta and cute gondola drivers in their signature jailhouse stripes. Stepping off the plane once we reached Italian soil, we inhaled the smell of sea water and eagerly hopped on … Continue Reading