MBFWT Collection Reviews

More MBFWT Collection Reviews- (also published on SavvyTokyo.com) Fashion week has officially come to a close but check out the designers who wrapped up Tokyo’s biggest fashion festival with a bang. Edgy sportswear, unique silhouettes and trending patterns such as plaid, camo and stripes were just a few things these designers showcased at their Spring/Summer … Continue Reading

Jotaro Saito Two Souls Collection

Jotaro Sansai Two Souls Collection Dedicated to bringing kimonos back as an element of everyday fashion, modern day kimono designer, Jotaro Saito, collaborated with fellow born Kyoto designer Sansai Saito, to create a collection with contemporary prints and modern concepts of beauty. Making notions to the 60’s and 70’s era of Western pop culture the … Continue Reading

Tokyo Fashion Week Collection Reviews

Here are a few of my Tokyo Fashion Week Collection Reports: (also posted to SavvyTokyo.com) Johan Ku Gold Label London based designer, Johan Ku, has won several awards for his sculpture-like shapes and hand knitted textiles used in his work. Showing collections in New York, Paris and Tokyo, the namesake brand has created an international … Continue Reading

Hanae Mori by Yu Amatsu

Last week was Tokyo Fashion Week. I covered shows for online magazine SAVVY TOKYO, making it to as many shows as I could, sporting the baby bump and all.  The first show I went to ended up being one of my favorite of MBFWT. Hanae Mori was Japan’s very first haute couture fashion house and … Continue Reading

MBFWT Instagram Updates

 Tokyo Fashion Week is well underway and I am contributing collection reports for Savvy Tokyo. I will be posting pictures and updates on the blog once things slow down a bit, but it the mean time I will be posting VIDEOS and PICTURES from the runways during the shows on SAVVYTOKYO instagram. Make sure to follow … Continue Reading