Target Style

At Home in Target Style The sun is here in Seattle, so “Hello, Spring” and “Hello, Target Style”! I spent eight whole years without Target and since we’ve moved back I’m making up for lost time. My frequent visits probably warrant an admittance into some kind of support group, but it’s not my fault Target … Continue Reading

Floral Fashion Under $30

Floral Fever Outfit Details:  TOP // JACKET //  SKIRT (ON SALE!) // BACK PACK (SPLURGE VS STEAL) // BOOTIES   Floral fashion is a dominating force in the spring. From bold blooms, romantic petals, or delicate bouquets, flower power prints are spread through all facets of apparel. For some of us still staggering between bone-chilling winter and the hopes … Continue Reading

It’s All About The 90’s

We’ve all been patiently waiting to channel our inner Cher and Dionne, and now is our time to look “CLASSIC”!  Birkenstocks? Crop tops? Mom jeans? It seems we’ve regressed to the 90s. However, with the right styling, you are certain to look â€œall that and a bag of chips.â€� Check out my article below that was posted … Continue Reading

HOW TO: Rock your Grandma’s Vintage Furs! See the LIGHT

Inspired by the Spring trend “Seeing the light in all WHITE” currently on the runways, I wanted to introduce one of my favorite pieces I own. Say hello to my late Grandmother’s fur jacket. She was a DIVA and it leaked down the gene pool. What’s a girl to do??  I am completely obsessed with … Continue Reading