The year you turn three in Japan, is a monumental birthday. My daughter just marked three years in January, and we wanted to put our efforts forward in attempt to follow tradition. These are her Shichi-go-san photos, donning a traditional kimono and “dress-up” gown. Shichi-go-san, literally means, 7-5-3, and in the Shinto religion are considered … Continue Reading

Konnichiwa WORLD

  The weeks have seriously flown by. I delivered my little angel on January 30th, just two days after big sister turned two years old. As any other mother can attest, you find yourself lost in wonderland with a newborn. I’ve spent the past month bonding with my new boy, snuggling in bed with my … Continue Reading

Harajuku Toddler

My daughter is getting to the age where she feels the need to dress herself and voice her “styling” requests. “No, red shoes mommy!”, “Mom, where my hat go?”.   This day she insisted on sporting her Christmas pea coat and how dare a button go unbuttoned! I love this age and her spunky personality … Continue Reading

Year of the Sheep

BAA BAA! Happy Year  2015 and year of the Sheep! Traditionally, hundreds of thousands of Japanese people and  Japan residents head to the shrines to make wishes for the upcoming year. To avoid the masses, we’ve made our own tradition of heading to the shrine on New Year’s Eve. Meiji shrine is one of the … Continue Reading

Baby Oh Baby

Boy oh Boy I just can’t wait to meet you! We are expecting another bambino early next year, and this time it’s a boy! Having two children abroad seems like a scary concept, but Tokyo is very accommodating to Mother’s and families which keeps me pretty confident. I’m sure I will lose all of my … Continue Reading

Tokyo Disneyland

We took our daughter to Disneyland for her 1st Birthday. We get it, she is only ONE, she isn’t going to remember, or understand or care, but I wanted to do something special. We aren’t back home hosting some kitschy party with our family and friends in attendance.  Instead we had an obnoxiously cute, yet … Continue Reading