The year you turn three in Japan, is a monumental birthday. My daughter just marked three years in January, and we wanted to put our efforts forward in attempt to follow tradition. These are her Shichi-go-san photos, donning a traditional kimono and “dress-up” gown. Shichi-go-san, literally means, 7-5-3, and in the Shinto religion are considered … Continue Reading


I covered the Opening for the new concept store CPCM for Savvy Tokyo. Check out my article below and the pictures from this amazing new store. Definitely check it out if you are visiting TOKYO! A new hot spot has opened its doors in Jingumae. CPCM “Crafts and Permaculture Country Mall”, is a 30 … Continue Reading

My Crew at Midtown

Our weekends follow an unspoken routine, and somewhere in the pattern a park falls into place. One of the things I love most about Tokyo, is the neighborhood parks. No matter where you are in the city, it is certain that a child friendly, green patch of land will be a stones throw away. After … Continue Reading

New Zealand X TOKYO

 I recently worked on a project with New Zealand based photographer, Emily Hlavac Green. Our concept of merging New Zealand designer-wear with Tokyo’s urban sprawl was executed magnificently and the images turned out DOPE!  Check out our editorial spread featured on LA/NY based publication,LADYGUNN, and see some on my favorite images from the shoot below. … Continue Reading

Nigo X Uniqlo on Savvy Tokyo

Nigo, the founder of A Bathing APE, has united with Uniqlo to launch a “new standard” for their t-shirt line Uniqlo UT. As a major BAPE fan, I was excited when approached by Savvy Tokyo, to interview the street-wear legend while he was here in Tokyo. Nigo gave me the scoop on his newly appointed … Continue Reading

Cool Girl Chic

Just when I thought I had my bearings on where to find all the “dope” brands in Japan, I get slapped in the face with an even cooler label. I had heard of Hysteric Glamour in the past and for some reason wrote it off as another Japanese, hipster brand. WRONG! It was actually the kid’s … Continue Reading

Nursing Fashion: What Do I Wear Now?

Konnichiwa to my fellow breastfeeding mamas out there! When I first started breastfeeding, everyday felt like a styling challenge. “OK, I want to look glam and sophisticated. Wait, not that top, I need to have access to the boob. Alright, no to the boat neck sweater and yes to the plunging neck line.” The internal … Continue Reading

Northwest meets Far East

Everyone needs a little zen in their lives. It think it may even be mandatory to step away from the sensory overload of your everyday routine, and do like the Buddhist do, reflect.That being said, my little family of three decided to hop on a local train and venture out of the city in seek … Continue Reading

What to Wear this Fall

As a foreign woman living in Japan, I often seek out other “gaijin” women to share resources regarding English speaking restaurants, health care professionals, beauty spas and shopping for our homeland goods. However, now I can stop harassing all my friends for info and check out Tokyo’s newest online magazine. Savvy Tokyo, has a wealth … Continue Reading

Tokyo Fashion Night Out 2012

                  Tokyo Fashion Night Out was a fun reason to throw on a red lip, heels and try on some drool worthy hand bags. With the little one on the way my wardrobe is dwindling, but I am having a blast with “The Bump”, and dressing up … Continue Reading