Tops Designers X Summer’s Top Trends

Some of today’s trending brands have teamed up with top designers to bring you exclusive summer wardrobe basics that will stand out against the originals. Are you looking to sprinkle your closet with a few more accessories, or maybe some new shoes? Check out these special collaborations that add just the right amount of edge … Continue Reading


Ok, I swear I am not Uniqlo obsessed, but they pretty much run the retail scene out here in Japan and they are taking the bull by the horns lately in collaborations. All that and I am currently covering some fashion news for SAVVY TOKYO and hear about all the innovative and ingenious new rabbits … Continue Reading

Pharell X Uniqlo “I am Other”

With Nigo bringing a “New Standard” to Uniqlo UT, it was to no one’s surprise that his right hand man, Pharrell Williams  would be next up for a collaboration. Pharrell’s S/S 14 capsule collection for Japan’s mega retailer, Uniqlo UT, was designed under the “I Am Other collective”. The highly anticipated collection will feature a … Continue Reading

Nigo X Uniqlo on Savvy Tokyo

Nigo, the founder of A Bathing APE, has united with Uniqlo to launch a “new standard” for their t-shirt line Uniqlo UT. As a major BAPE fan, I was excited when approached by Savvy Tokyo, to interview the street-wear legend while he was here in Tokyo. Nigo gave me the scoop on his newly appointed … Continue Reading

HOW TO: Rock your Grandma’s Vintage Furs! See the LIGHT

Inspired by the Spring trend “Seeing the light in all WHITE” currently on the runways, I wanted to introduce one of my favorite pieces I own. Say hello to my late Grandmother’s fur jacket. She was a DIVA and it leaked down the gene pool. What’s a girl to do??  I am completely obsessed with … Continue Reading