Under the Train Tracks

Last week, the hubs and I spent the evening in one of our favorite districts, Marunouchi. Sandwiched between the Imperial Palace and Tokyo Station, it’s illuminated streets are the perfect balance of hole in the wall bars, high end retail and name brand Hotels. Missing our reservation at Andy’s (blog to come soon), we crossed … Continue Reading

Shibuya Nights

With a busy and chatty toddler at home, date nights are just about mandatory for the hubby and I to catch up on life outside the nest. We try to pop out together once a week, but lately my third trimester is calling for an 8:30 pm bedtime and date night usually is more like … Continue Reading

Hanae Mori by Yu Amatsu

Last week was Tokyo Fashion Week. I covered shows for online magazine SAVVY TOKYO, making it to as many shows as I could, sporting the baby bump and all.  The first show I went to ended up being one of my favorite of MBFWT. Hanae Mori was Japan’s very first haute couture fashion house and … Continue Reading

Tokyo Fashion’s Night Out- Photo Diary

Last weekend we headed out for Tokyo Fashion’s Night Out. We married the evening with a pseudo date night. Called a sitter, enjoyed live music and stayed out past our bedtime. My husband secretly looves FNO, he shows interest in the fashion  as much as he does the free flowing champagne. It’s a win-win for … Continue Reading

Baby Oh Baby

Boy oh Boy I just can’t wait to meet you! We are expecting another bambino early next year, and this time it’s a boy! Having two children abroad seems like a scary concept, but Tokyo is very accommodating to Mother’s and families which keeps me pretty confident. I’m sure I will lose all of my … Continue Reading

Throw Your Hair Up

I’m sure fellow mother’s can attest, there are just some days you want to throw your hair up, put on some lipstick and pretend you still rock heels on the regular. I had my moment, and spent the day with my favorite fashion fanatic, window shopping and taking in this incredible Fall weather Headed to our … Continue Reading

Leopard, Horses and Grandma’s Sweater

Fall is by far my favorite season in Tokyo. Unlike the sticky Summer, the weather is a perfect combination between sun and a crisp breeze. Not to mention the color gradation of the foliage around the city.. STUNNING. I am grateful that it is not yet snowing or SO cold I have to bundle up … Continue Reading

DVF for Maternity

I’ve been hesitant to post “maternity fashion” photos. The two words together collide like oil and vinegar, or so I thought. I am rearing my third trimester and have almost exhausted my pre-pregnancy wardrobe. Farewell cocktail dress, so long button-up blouses and I said sayonara to denim months and months ago. However, I still have … Continue Reading

Stop and Smell the Roses

 During the hustle and bustle of life in Tokyo, I like to take a break and “smell the roses”.  Excuse my small hiatus from the blogosphere. Between travel and changes, I’ve found myself closer to nature then next to my Mac. It’s Summer, the weather is beautiful and time spent outside is time well spent … Continue Reading

Five Shades of Blue on top of the Duomo

Dominating the Florence skyline, is the DUOMO of The Cathedral of Florence. You can get a glimpse of this beautiful dome from every angle of the city, through narrow alleys and hotel balconies. The climb to the top is not for the claustrophobic, but it  is well worth the view. You see the hills of … Continue Reading